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Form Relieved & Ground Form Relieved Cutters

Brooke Cutting Tools USA is pleased to provide the following illustrative diagrams of our Form Relieved Cutters and Ground Form Relieved Cutters.

These cutters have top relief and will maintain their form throughout their life provided that on re-sharpening, the face of the tooth is ground radial to centre. Concave, Convex and Corner Rounding Cutters are standard form relieved tools, however, Brooke Cutting Tools also manufactures many other forms to customer’s specifications. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 800-621-4274.


Form Cutter Types

form cutter styles

Modified Milling Cutters:

Most HSS Milling Cutters are supplied with square corners, they can be modified to Chamfered or Radius Corners at a small additional charge.

Side and Face Milling Cutters can be provided in matched pairs to a tolerance of +/-0.5mm on the outside diameter and width.


Special Milling Cutters:

Where longer production runs are a concern, Side and Face Cutters are typically used. Normally staggered tooth can be manufactured in special interlocking pairs and these can be adjusted for width after regrinding by the use of packing shims.

Gangs of several cutters, sometimes of differing types can also be made for more complicated production shapes.

Different materials require a different helix angle, either less than normal or more (high power). Our engineers are ready to assist you on the most effective cutter for your application.

Example # 1:

milling cutter

We can manufacture two or more keyways to produce a staggered cutting action when Gang Milling.


Example #2:

milling cutter

The above picture is illustrative of a Special Helix Angle Slow Cutter. High Speed Special Helix Angle Cutters are also manufactured.



Special Milling Cutters can be manufactured in HSS, HS CO Steels such as Co5 or Co8.

For more information, contact us or call 800-621-4274.